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March 19, 2020

ISSP Continues Operations in Face of COVID-19 Epidemic

August 16, 2020

ISSP Starts Operations in Canada

Information Systems Security Partners (ISSP), the international cybersecurity company called “the go-to firm for the victims of Ukraine’s cyberwar” by Wired, has opened its offices in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. After nearly two years of market research and preparations in developing local capabilities, the company has started its operations in North America and is ready to offer advanced managed security services to organizations of all sizes within every sector in Canada.


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Founded in 2008 in Ukraine, ISSP has an extensive presence in Eastern Europe and has gained vast experience as a first responder to many cyberattacks including some of the most advanced and devastating attacks in history, such as the Ukrainian power grid attacks and the NotPetya cyber invasion of 2017. Since 2010, ISSP has been growing and offering advanced cybersecurity services in many countries across Europe as well as East and Central Asia.

With decent professional expertise, reinforced with cyberattacks investigations and threat research from ISSP Labs, the company offers a range of professional services including compromise and vulnerability assessments, penetration and security testing, cybersecurity consulting and digital forensics, cyber and data technology integration and support, managed detection and response services, and threat intelligence.

“We’re proud to use the extensive expertise that our team has gained at the frontlines of modern cyberwar to serve businesses and organizations in Canada,” says Artem Mykhailov, International Business Development Manager, ISSP. “Our research and expertise have received worldwide recognition. We collaborate with think tanks and academia across the world, including the Aspen Institute, the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, MIT’s CSAIL, and SANS ICS, and we continuously contribute to improving the state of international cybersecurity.”

Starting in September 2020, ISSP will be holding a series of exclusive free webinars for business owners, top managers, CIOs, and information security experts in Canada aimed at sharing our experience in dealing with some of the most advanced cyberthreats. ISSP Labs & Research experts will share the tools, tactics, and techniques that adversaries used to successfully carry out the NotPetya cyberattack. Participants will also learn the results of a forensic investigation following a cyberattack at a critical Ukrainian infrastructure facility in the energy sector that resulted in a partial blackout. These and other important topics will be covered in webinars as part of the ISSP Canada Webinar Series – Learning from Ukraine's Cyberwar.

“We are happy to bring our expertise of rapid response to the most devastating cyberattacks in Ukraine to the Canadian market and community,” says Andriy Palayev, Business Development Manager of ISSP Canada. “Being successful in Europe and Asia, now it’s time to share our proficiency with North American customers. We do full cybersecurity protection, which includes network security, data security, and apps security. We augment the common approach with our experience to deliver efficient solutions for maximum protection and better customer experience.”

ISSP is grateful to the Canada-Ukraine Trade & Investment Support (CUTIS) Project, undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada, for the assistance offered to our team in establishing and developing our presence in Canada.

For any inquiries please contact:


Suite 2201, 250 Yonge St.

Toronto, ON M5B 2L7 Canada

+1 647 361 5221

+1 800 573 0922 (toll-free)


Suite 2600, 595 Burrard St., PO Box 49314

Vancouver, BC V7X 1L3 Canada

+1 289 968 4454


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