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ISSP Security Operations Center provides Managed Security Services, including Managed Detection and Response, Incident Management, Compliance Management, Log Management Platform, and continuous Threat Hunting. 

Our services help companies and organizations improve their capabilities in monitoring their IT infrastructure to discover hidden behavioral anomalies, early threat detection and response to incidents. 

Using ISSP SOC services our customers get access to the leading technology stack without purchasing it and have the most experienced highly motivated team working for them without hassles and costs associated with hiring, training and retaining high-quality cybersecurity professionals.

Managed Detection and Response

Our experts continuously monitor an organization’s network, servers, and endpoints looking for specific indicators of compromise and high-risk behavioral patterns. In case of threat detection, it’s origin, details and potential impact are carefully investigated and communicated to the organization response team.


With ISSP MDR services businesses and organizations can detect and respond to cyber threats faster, more effectively and cope with more advanced threats at lower costs.

Incident Management

Speed and effectiveness of an organization’s response to a security incident define the difference between a small disruption and a big problem. Any incident that is not handled properly can lead to a data breach or system failure causing significant financial, legal and reputational damages.


ISSP Incident Management services help companies process each and all triggered incidents without letting a single risk event bypass security check, quickly respond to incidents, restore services and processes, and reduce the risks of potential future incidents. We help handle the situation in a way that minimizes damage and reduces recovery resources. Incident processing and handling are one of the most resource consuming tasks for cybersecurity and IT teams. ISSP SOC is ready to take this under its responsibility allowing the organization's security team to focus on strategic development.

Vulnerability Management

At ISSP we use a pro-active approach to the security management of our customers’ IT infrastructures. We offer services of checking for vulnerabilities, looking for anomalies, examining whether the identified vulnerabilities can be exploited, looking for ways to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited, and patching vulnerabilities. We keep track of all vulnerabilities found during its full lifecycle easing the overall process of vulnerability management.

Compliance Management

ISSP SOC experts help organizations assess current controls against requirements and recommend changes required to meet different security compliance standards and frameworks. By implementing appropriate controls companies and organizations will comply with relevant laws, regulations, and procedures as well as keep risks at acceptable levels. 

Log Management Platform

Core security process which enables organizations to execute forensics and investigation tasks effectively is a Log Management practice. ISSP SOC offers secure and available online as well as an on-premise platform which provides extensive visibility across all nodes, detailed compliance reports, and guaranteed log delivery.

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