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Our company takes its origin from the times when the cyber domain was only starting to take shape. Having left IT services to other providers, we focused all our efforts exclusively on solutions for secure networks, systems, and data. Our focused approach lets us grow and maintain unique skills and expertise ahead of the market.

Our experts have vast experience in fighting cybercrime and state actor attacks on banks, enterprises, critical infrastructure, and government institutions. We have completed hundreds of consulting and integration projects of different scale and complexity, developed highly efficient Managed Security Services, investigated dozens of advanced cyber attacks and trained hundreds of cybersecurity professionals



ISSP enjoys well established and trusted partnerships with the world's leading security technology vendors and research organizations. Our products and solutions portfolio covers all cybersecurity domains, and our culture of continuous improvement and innovation ensures operational excellence in detecting and mitigating ever growing and evolving cyber threats. 

At ISSP we take a holistic approach to cybersecurity and individual approach to each customer. Thoroughly assessing unique environments and needs of our clients and offering proven solutions only we make sure that their networks, systems, and data are well protected.


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