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March 19, 2020

ISSP Continues Operations in Face of COVID-19 Epidemic

October 14, 2020

ISSP to participate in Web Summit 2021 

This year, ISSP is taking part in Europe’s biggest technology conference, Web Summit. As more than 1,000 speakers and 1,250 startups are expected to attend the event from November 1–4, organizers expect Web Summit 2021 to be “the largest business conference in the world” this year.

ISSP, named “the go-to firm for victims of cyber war” by WIRED magazine, is proud to offer its services and solutions for businesses of different sizes across a wide range of industries, and in particular to offer its Cybersecurity for Startups solution. Cybersecurity for Startups includes tailored incident detection, vulnerability management, and threat hunting services customized for each customer based on analysis of their business and a top-level audit of their cybersecurity posture and is augmented by CISO concierge and advisory services.

“It is of utmost importance that the security services are customized with the specifics of a client’s operations and IT environment,” says Roman Sologub, CEO of ISSP. “Just as you can’t use security technologies with default configurations, you also can’t effectively implement incident detection, vulnerability management, and threat hunting services without proper customization. This means we analyze cybersecurity maturity capabilities and the cybersecurity posture. Then we use the assessment output as the basis for configuring managed security services to make them more effective and efficient.”


The Cybersecurity for Startups solution involves onboarding to the ISSP Security Operations Center (SOC), which works as an extension of the customer’s IT department or security team. It is the job of SOC experts to detect anomalies, identify known adversarial tactics and techniques, and hunt for inside threats.

ISSP will be displayed at the Ukrainian pavilion, the full exhibition map will be unveiled closer to the event.


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