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May 20, 2019

Case Study Ukraine: A Look at the Laboratory for Cyber War Presented at Berlin CyberSecurityForum

Berlin Cybersecurity Forum_edited.jpg

On May 16-17 Oleh Derevianko, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of ISSP, participated at The Aspen Institute Germany's Berlin CyberSecurityForum where he spoke at the opening panel discussion about the Great Cyber Game as well as delivered one hour break-out session entitled „Case Study – Ukraine: A Look at the Laboratory for Cyber War“.

The forum brought together more than 250 European, American and international top policymakers, legislators, engineers, hackers, civil society, academics and representatives of the business, privacy and security communities.


CyberSecurityForum looked across the landscape of cybersecurity issues, including the current global politics of internet security, how AI is changing the cyber landscape, the military perspective, as well as cybersecurity intersection with finance, cryptocurrencies and cybercrime, the internet of things and overarching questions regarding the internet as a whole and cyber norms and challenges in internet governance.

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